Vacuum Service & Repair

We service & repair most vacuum cleaners

Service & Repair Central Vacuum

Vacuum One can service and repair most vacuum cleaners including Beam, AVT, Kiwivac, Electrolux, Zanussi, Hoover, Astrovac, Canavac, Le Vac, Centralvac, Condovac, Cyclo Vac, Electron, Euro Vac, Executive, Hayden, Modern Day, Nilfisk, Premier Clean, Pullman, Silent Master, Smart, Supervac, Tellus, Tornado, Ultraclean, Vacumaid, Max Vak 1400, Max Vak 2400,Hills HCV, Hills 1600, Hills Black, Hills Bronze, Hills Silver, Hills Gold, Hills Crystal, Hills 1500, Hills 1800 Ovis, most built in or in built systems plus many others.

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